Meet The Squad

Come and join the family!
    Clydia Early

    One part of the Early sister duo, No Lye's enthusiatic CEO continuously pushes the company forward with innovative ideas and bold moves that makes sure No Lye is never behind the trend.

    Clydia Early
    CEO & Co-Owner
    Sherry Early

    The second part of the Early sister duo, Sherry has experience in corporate and is always keeping the company on the right track so that the customer experience never dwindles.

    Sherry Early
    COO & co-Owner
    RasAmen Oladuwa

    When it comes to carrying out the vision, No Lye's web designer is dedicated to making the company functional and beautiful with smooth efficency.

    RasAmen Oladuwa
    Web Designer
We're Dedicated
when it comes to providing the best service, we make sure to stay on our game because we know what it's like to want the best.

Our Promise

High Quality Products

Committed to the best quality from recycled materials to 100% cotton, we make sure it'll last for the long haul.

Safe & Secure Buying Experience

Your information is safe with us, from a secure website to a safe checkout experience, we value your privacy.

Top-notch customer service

We pride ourselves on replying to your inquiries in a timely manner while always having a great attitude.

Beautiful & Easy to Use Web Design

The buying experience should be a smooth and easy one, so we eliminated long loading times while still looking beautiful.